Best Serum Tutorials | Ultimate List



Whether you make Dubstep, Trap, or Future Bass, we have a Serum tutorial for you! This is the ultimate collection of free tutorials for xFer Serum.


Dubstep Tutorials for Serum

Recreate the main bass from Getter "Head Splitter" 

This tutorial teaches you how create crazy metallic basses using Ring Modulation

Learn how to make robotic metallic basses like Herobust

Learn how to get the classic Riddim sound in Phiso's music

Recreate the huge tear out dubstep bass in Mastadon's remix of "Black Hole"

Develop a unique sound to your music with this popular Riddim tutorial

Make your own recreation of the Zomboy "Rotten" bass with this fire tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make harmonic growl basses

One of the only Serum tutorials that recreate an accurate Skrillex Growl

Recreate the main bass from Getter's popular track "Suh Dude"

Trap Tutorials for Serum


This Serum tutorial will teach you how to create huge brass stabs from scratch

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a hybrid trap lead

Awesome Serum video on recreating a screechy lead

Learn how SAYMYNAME makes his Trap leads in Serum

We all know the classic "grimey" trap lead, now you can make it in Serum

Learn how the professionals are able to make booming 808 Subs

This tutorial which teach you how to recreate one of the most popular Trap leads

Recreate the awesome leads that Snails uses in his music

One of the only Serum tutorials on a real instrument sound

Use this distorted sub bass to make edgy Trap music

Future Bass Tutorials for Serum

Recreate the popular Flume chords in Serum 

This tutorial teaches you how to make vibey Future Bass plucks

Learn how to remake the Chainsmokers hit song "Something Just Like This"

Discover the secrets to Malaa and Drezo's unique styles

Recreate the popular pluck in Dillion Francis's track "Call My Name"

Want to learn how to recreate more popular sounds in Serum? 

Check out the full tutorial list here.

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