How To Get More Soundcloud Followers | 3 Easy Steps

Whether you produce dubstep, trap, future bass, EDM, rap, or sing... these 3 keys are crucial to growing your Soundcloud profile.

1. Power Of The Banner

The banner is the first thing people see when they land on your profile. First impressions are everything!

*The key here is to have a good background that represents your music, that also looks seamless with your profile picture.

Here are some examples of great banners:

2. Effective Descriptions

If you look at any popular artist's description on Soundcloud, the formula of simplicity always hold true! In 2018, no one has the time or interest to read paragraphs about an artist's life story.

*The key here is to uniquely describe your music in one sentence, and follow up with any relevant social media accounts and contact/booking information.

Here are some examples of effective descriptions:

3. Scaling Your Profile

Avoid the following spammy tactics that have taken over among the Soundcloud community:

​1. DO NOT follow everyone (try not to follow more people than you have followers, it doesn't look very good)

2. DO NOT comment mindless/promotional comments every 10 seconds to get attention to your page.

3. DO NOT upload incomplete or unfinished tracks, unless it is an unreleased clip or uploaded on an "extras" account.

4. DO NOT be a spammer. Nobody wants to listen to music from a guy that just sent you the same copy and paste message he sent to 100 other people.

Instead, try these:

1. Connect meaningfully with other artists. Remember, your network is your net worth.

2. Use download gates for free songs such as The Artist Union or ToneDen

3. Consider paying other producers/networks for reposts or promotions

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