Best Free Serum Skins | Ultimate List

Serum's new 1.213 update enables you to change your synth's look to whatever you please. Heres the complete list of free skins you need to pimp out Serum!

If you don't know how to install skins, then please watch this tutorial here.

1. Rocket Powered Sound Designer Skin

You are a Rocket Powered Sound Designer, and you need this skin! This skin is the xFer Serum GUI but optimized for aesthetics. This skin is perfect for anyone that wants their Serum to look sexy, while not losing track of what plugin they're actually using.

-> Click here to download this skin.

2. Massive Serum Skin by Entity

Don't let this clever skin fool you into think you're using Massive! This gorgeous skin includes a free download of an additional Serum skin, xFer OTT version.

-> Click here to download this skin.

3. Anthracite Skin by Aevi

This stunning skin was developed 100% from scratch by Aevi. It is available in a whopping total of 9 colors.

-> Click here to download this skin.

4. Ableton Serum Skin by Nasko

This cool skin is (obviously) inspired by the Ableton GUI, and it came out really cool! Just imagine what this looks like inside of Ableton...

-> Click here to download this skin.

Want to learn how to create & install your own skins in Serum?

Check out the tutorial here.




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